Photographs by Samantha Keadle

Drawings by Samantha Keadle

Brian and Samantha Keadle
George West, Texas
(361) 449-6448   *   (361) 449-0445

We have a Zazzle store front with an assortment of clothing and merchandise. I have not updated any merchandise in quite some time but am willing to if you want a specific product.

​Caution: we have been mostly satisfied with all of the merchandise we have ordered from zazzle but, it does sometimes take them a few tries to get screen printed shirts done correctly.

​Offering a wide variety of products, gifts and framed or unframed art. Below is just a selection of the merchandise available. Most items can be fully customizable. Any image on the Harris Ranch web site can be placed on any Zazzle product. If you see an image you like but not on the item you want, contact us and the product can be created.

Harris Ranch Stores