Sandy Bar Pat
dam of 12 foals with 4 performing. 

Skippa Stake
Hank Wiescamp bred stallion. Sire of 16 performers with 78.5 AQHA points. Stood at Texas A&M and was used as a teaching stallion for repro classes.

Barefoot Bar
SI 75, 58 halter points

​Sired Earners of H-336, P-427.


In Memoriam 

5/2/1992 - 2/5/2021 AQHA 3099840 15.2h sorrel

Skippa Jean

Joe's Pat Reed

Skippa Bar Pat

Skip Sav

​Sire of 117 foals with 8 performers. 

Skipper spent most of his life as a riding horse for the Texas A&M Equestrian Team then as a riding class horse for the Equine Science program. We were blessed to be able to give this old man a place to live out his days and teach one last rider. 

Brian and Samantha Keadle
George West, Texas
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