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Brian and Samantha Keadle

George West, Texas

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We are  a small scale breeding operation founded in 2004 focusing on producing  registered quarter horses and double registered APHA horses that have the potential to be all around performance prospects. Breeding stock is selected based on temperament, conformation and pedigree.  Our goal is to  produce a well balanced and versatile athlete using out-crossing as much as possible. All of our breeding stock have been 6 or 7 panel tested by UC Davis.

We currently stand an AQHA son of Ed's Cody with a classic cutting and reining pedigree. We also have a roping bred stallion prospect that is line-bred Zan Silver Parr  with a touch of Hancock and Poco Bueno.  We hope this new prospect can fill his sire's shoes.

Our broodmare pedigrees include Metallic Cat, Hollywood Dun It, Shining Spark, Colonels Smoking Gun, Doc O Dynamite, Dual Pep, Zan Parr Bar,  Peppy San Badger, Zan Silver Parr, Doc O'Lena, Docs Prescription, Joe Cody, Blue Valentine, Hancocks Blue Boy, Pale Face Dunnit, Playgun, Chicks Beduino, and Poco Bueno. 

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